Fantasy Art Gallery

This section was started quite on a whim, after finding just the first two artists currently listed in it and somehow deciding that I should make something like this to display my favorite works from each. The next two were even more recent discoveries and together they were, of course, the easiest ones to do that for, but I do plan to expand the list in the near future. Don't hold your breath though, since it could take a very long time to track down as many of the others' works as I possibly can and then pick just a few favorites out of hundreds upon hundreds of them.
Just to make it clear: This gallery does not and never will include any significant portion of any artist's works, but only a small number representing my personal favorites. As a rule I have set for myself from the very beginning, it will not include more than 35 works by any single artist, and that's the absolute maximum, for those who have been active for decades and have produced so many stunning pieces that I couldn't possibly pick any fewer.
I feel that, from the artist's point of view, this should constitute free advertising, and in fact if any of them would like me to include one or two more links to sites that are directly related to their work, including commercial partners, I'll gladly do so. Of course, if any would like to point out any of their works that I haven't stumbled upon or even send me higher quality versions of what is currently in the gallery, I'd like it even more. But if any copyright owner does want me to take anything down, all they have to do is send me a message and I will respect their wishes... And immediately replace their section with a scathing comment regarding their idiotic attitude about the whole thing, of course.

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